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Tuna posters. Enrique Pérez Penedo collection


It brings together more than 300 posters made for the promotion of competitions and events of tunas. The collection was formed by Enrique Pérez Penedo, tuno, cartoonist and graphic designer, who donated it to the University of Alicante to its processing and dissemination.

The interest of the collection lies in its uniqueness, in its subject matter as related to University life, in its wide chronological coverage (covers from 1970 to the present day), in the information provided and the artistic value of the posters, made often by creators of prestige.

The collection continues to receive new additions.

With the aim of their dissemination, these materials have been digitized and collected in a web catalog, called the Portal of images, together with all graphic documents of the General archive of the University. The consultation for this catalogue gives access to the image of the documents. Access to the Portal of images

General archive also offers the possibility to consult the originals in the dependencies of the file itself and making reproductions, provided that the motives of the applicant justify it and copyright and preservation of the material conditions allow it. In addition, these documents may be requested on loan, under the conditions laid down by the University, to collaborate with interesting cultural, educational or scientific activities.


Cabecera fondo carteles tuna


Description of the documentary

1. identification

1.1. reference code: is water CT

1.2. title: posters of Tuna. Enrique Pérez Penedo collection

1.3. date/s: 1970 -

1.4. level of description: background

1.5. volume and support: more than 300 posters of different sizes. Paper and digital.

2 context

2.1. name of producer: Enrique Pérez Penedo.

2.2. biographical note: Enrique Pérez Penedo was born in Alicante in 1951.

He joined the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1968 to study chemistry, forming part, that same year, the founding group of the Tuna of Sciences of UAM.

Cartoonist and graphic designer, joins the staff of the University of Alicante in 1984, leading the cabinet design and then the Cabinet of image and graphic communication. Connoisseur of the world of the tunas, has dedicated many years of his life to the study of this old University tradition, giving lectures on the subject at various universities from Chile, Mexico and Spain. It has participated as a speaker in two congresses Latin Americans on Tunas held in Murcia.

2.3. archival history: documentation gathered and preserved by Enrique Pérez Penedo.

2.4. income form: donation by Enrique Pérez Penedo at the University of Alicante in 2014.

3 content and structure

3.1. scope and content:

The collection is made up of more than 300 posters celebrated of Spanish tunas and foreign events, mostly in different Spanish cities, but are also represented meetings and competitions held in other countries: Portugal, the Netherlands, Mexico, Peru and France.

Enrique Pérez Penedo, donor of the collection, is the author of some of the posters, which in many cases have been performed by other artists.

Chronological coverage of the collection ranges from 1970 to the present

3.2. evaluation, selection and disposal: information, historical and artistic value. Permanent conservation

3.3 system of organization: documentation has been organized in sequential order of addition to the collection.

4. conditions of access and use

4.1. access conditions: free access.

4.2. conditions of reproduction: authorized purposes of study and research.

4.3. language: English, French, Portuguese, Dutch.

4.4. physical characteristics and technical requirements: non-necessary technical requirements.

5. Description control

5.1. rules and standards: standard ISAD (G); Handbook of multilevel description. Junta de Castilla y León, 2000.

5.2. the description date: July 2014.

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