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Doctoral dissertations and research papers


This collection brings together the research papers deposited in the General archives that have been presented at the UA for the obtaining of a diploma or a degree: PhD thesis, Bachelor's thesis and other research reports.


These documents are of important scientific value, result of the fact-finding mission of the University. Although this feature is most evident concerning the doctoral thesis, also the memories of Bachelor, projects limit, reports of research, etc. critical analysis, descriptive studies or technical solutions involving relevant scientific contributions they collect.


The consultation of the catalogue provides access to the description of these materials, and in the case of theses, to the full text of the document, when the same author has authorized its dissemination.

Access to the web catalog of theses and research papers.


The General also offers the possibility to consult the originals in the dependencies of the file itself and making reproductions, provided that it is justified by the reasons of the applicant and rights of copyright and preservation of material conditions allow it.

The collection includes various types of documents:


- Doctoral theses.

They are more represented in the collection. They are research work done for obtaining the degree of doctor. The catalogue includes the vast majority of the doctoral theses presented in the University of Alicante, both the read in schools under the old system of doctoral courses, as which were carried out by the current credit system.

Most of theses from the Faculty of medicine, in its stage of belonging to the UA, do not form part of the collection, since the depositary thereof was not the General, but the Faculty library.


- Thesis (dissertation)

They are leading research work to obtain the Bachelor degree. The dissertations sent to the General faculties of science, philosophy and letters, law, economics and medicine are present in the collection.

This section is not exhaustive, being the dissertations from the Faculty of Sciences which are more represented in the catalogue.


- Other research works

Very incomplete section comprising different types of research work done for the achievement of various objectives.

The catalog includes memories of doctoral research, presented to add credits in this academic stage, as well as projects and thesis, leading to obtain the degree.

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